(Formerly Youth Homecraft & Junior/Senior Royal)

Directors: Jenny Stevens 519-476-0691, Kendall Egan, Danica Egan & Krys Teall

Submit your entries online. To register online visit https://www.assistexpo.ca/thorndalefair create an account and enter your exhibits.

  • Boys & Girls grade 6-12
  • There will be 3 winners - Champion, 1st Runner-Up & Thorndale Horticultural Society Award
  • The highest number of points obtained in Classes A-D; Youth Fair Specials will count to determine the Youth Fair Champion; 2nd highest points will determine runner-up. (Please see Rules & Regulations)
  • In the case of a tie, the winner will be determined by number of first place ribbons
  • The highest number of points obtained in Classes C & D will count to determine the Thorndale Horticultural Society Award
  • Special Gifts to Winners (presented during Friday Opening Ceremonies & Awards Evening).
  • NEW FOR 2024 - All prize winnings will be paid in cash at the fair office Saturday & Sunday of fair weekend. Failure to pick up your prize money is an automatic donation back to the Agricultural Society.

Rules & Regulations:

  1. All entries must be exhibitor's own work. Any violation of this rule will result in forfeiture of prizes, with names and reasons given. This will be strictly enforced.
  2. All exhibitors must have an exhibitor number. These are available from the office in the Progress Building on Thursday night or Friday morning or in advance by emailing the Homecraft Secretary, Katelyn Thom, katelynthom@gmail.com.
  3. To be eligible to be the Youth Fair Champion, the exhibitor must enter a minimum of 3 out of 4 Classes.
  4. To be eligible for the Thorndale Horticultural Society Award, the exhibitor must enter a minimum of 2 entries from Class C and a minimum of 2 entries from Class D.
  5. An exhibitor may not win Youth Fair Champion or Thorndale Horticultural Society Award winner in consecutive years. Runners-up are eligible to win again.
  6. Judges are authorized to disqualify all soiled, defaced or old work and are instructed to award prizes to new and up to date work only.
  7. Food entries must have tags firmly attached to the exterior of a Ziploc bag.
  8. Please note the minimum and maximum size requirements so entry will not be eliminated.
  9. Please remember to submit the entry form from the centre of the fair book.
  10. Due to the possibility of high humidity in the progress building we suggest firm paper plates to avoid spillage.

Prize money - $6, $4, $2