1. The School Fair Committee encourages parents to support and assist with the projects, but asks the children to exhibit their own creative talents.
  2. While the Preschoolers and Junior Kindergarten section is not judged, Preschoolers and Junior Kindergarten participants may show in the OPEN and AGRICULTURAL sections, and their entries in the OPEN and AGRICULTURAL sections will be judged.
  3. An exhibitor may enter only one item in each numbered Section of each Class.
  4. All exhibits must be first time showing – anything determined to be from previous years, soiled, or defaced will be disqualified.
  5. All agricultural and horticultural entries must be grown on the exhibitor’s property and displayed/arranged by the exhibitor unless otherwise noted.  Wildflowers and plants are the exception.
  6. Entry tags must be firmly attached to each item being entered. Please ensure the entry tag is completed with the entrant’s name, the class, section number, item description and the entry is placed in the proper section, or the item may not be judged. Entrant’s name area should be folded over to conceal information in all judged categories.  Please note, entry tags may be picked up prior to the Fair at multiple locations within Thorndale and completed prior to registration night.
  7. Judge decisions will be final.
  8. All School Fair participants must have an exhibit number. New participants will need to be assigned an exhibit number either prior to the Fair by contacting the Secretary of the Fair or at the registration table on Thursday night. FYI - Exhibit numbers once assigned will remain the entrant’s number to be use at subsequent Thorndale Fairs, and for participation in the Youth and Homecraft sections.  
  9. Entries will be accepted in the Progress Building between the hours of 7:00pm – 9:00pm on Thursday night prior to Fair weekend ONLY. NO ENTRIES AFTER 9:00pm – NO ENTRIES ON FRIDAY. (Judging is conducted on Thursday night beginning at 9:00pm).
  10. A completed Fair entry form will be required for each child (please see center of Fair booklet for form).  The completed form should include the name of the child, address, phone number, exhibitor number and school when registering on the Thursday night prior to Fair weekend.  This form will be retained by the School Fair Committee.
  11. Entries must be picked up on Sunday of the Fair weekend between 4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. The School Fair Committee cannot be held responsible for entries not claimed.