Pet Show

Committee:  Bridget Heeman, Norma Poel and Chris Goris

Pet Show – Sunday of fair weekend at 12:30 p.m. on the Heeman’s Family Entertainment Zone Stage

Registration at 12:00 pm – Judging at 12:30 pm
Please remember to clean up after your pet on the fair grounds and bring water as it can be very hot.


1.  All pets living in cages or on leashes.

2.  Exhibitors must be able to handle pet by themselves.

3.  Restricted to pets – no show animals.


  1. Longest Tail​
  2. Best Dressed Pet
  3. Most Unusual Pet
  4. Pet that most resembles owner
  5. Pet with the “waggiest” tail
  6. Best treat catcher
  7. Biggest Pet
  8. Smallest Pet

Prize money:   $7, $5, $3