Homecraft Competition

President: Kendra Ferguson (519-495-3428)
Secretary: Katelyn Thom (519-461-9396)


If you have any questions, please call the director listed at the beginning of each class.

HOMECRAFT CHAMPION CONTEST - Contestants must enter 7 out of 11 classes to qualify for Homecraft Champion. Class Specials are included in point totals, however, 60 Plus Class and Country Pie Contest are not included. Contestant may be Homecraft Champion once every 3 years.

RUNNER-UP - Contestant who receives 2nd highest point total, contestant must enter 7 out of 11 categories. Contestant may be Homecraft Champion Runner-Up once every 3 years.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. All Food, Handwork, Arts, Crafts and Photography are to be EXHIBITOR'S OWN WORK. All plants and flowers must be grown on the exhibitor's own property unless otherwise stated. Any violation of this rule will result in forfeiture of prizes, with name and reason given. This rule will be strictly enforced.
  2. Judges of work are authorized to disqualify soiled, defaced or old work, and are instructed to award prizes to New and up-to-date work only.
  3. Please see rules above each individual Class for rules that apply to that Class only.
  4. The Committee Chairperson and the Judge, in consultation with the Homecraft President, may split a Section if the number of entries warrants such a division. If it is too difficult to split a Section fairly, then two firsts, two seconds, and two thirds may be awarded instead.
  5. All exhibits in the Homecraft Division are to be brought in from 6pm - 8 pm on the Wednesday or Thursday evening or Friday from 9am - 11am. Judging will commence at 11:30 a.m. on Friday.
  6. All exhibitors must have an exhibitor number. These are available from the office in the Progress Building on Thursday night or Friday morning or in advance by emailing the Homecraft Secretary, Katelyn Thom, katelynthom@gmail.com. Also, please fill out the Entry Form in the middle of the Fair Book or printed from www.thorndalefair.com/homecraft/ and turn it in to the office. Prize money will be withheld if the exhibitor does not have an exhibitor number.
  7. All articles exhibited must be correctly named on the Entry Tag with regard to Class and Section. The Entry Tag should be firmly attached to the exhibit. See above for places that Entry Tags are available prior to the Fair. Entry Tags may also be picked up at the Office in the Community Centre on Thursday evening or Friday morning of the Fair.
  8. Entered exhibits MUST be picked up is between 4:30-5:30pm on Sunday. Please note the Community Centre will be closed from 4-4:30pm. Prize money will be withheld if exhibits are picked up before 4:30pm. Directors and the Thorndale Ag Society will not be responsible for any exhibits left after 5:30 pm. ID must be shown to pick up exhibits.
  9. An exhibitor may only enter 1 article in each numbered Section of each Class.
  10. In the case of only 1 entry in a Section, the judge will award a prize only if the article is deemed worthy of a prize.
  11. No entry fee will be charged, however, 10% will be deducted from all winnings in lieu of entry fees.
  12. While the committee will take every precaution, under the circumstances, to secure the safety of articles sent to the exhibition, yet they wish it to be distinctly understood that the owners themselves must take the risk of exhibiting them, and that, should any article be accidentally damaged, lost or stolen, the committee will give all the assistance in their power towards the recovery of the same, but will not make any payment for the value of same.
  13. Winners will be determined with a point system as follows: 1st - 3 points; 2nd - 2 points; 3rd - 1 point.
  14. Anyone interfering with the judges while on duty, or found guilty of fraud, will forfeit all prize money.
  15. Judges decision will be final.
  16. All winners will have prize money etransfered or mailed by November 1st of the calendar year in which the fair was held unless the option to donate winnings back to the fair has been checked on the entry form. Any Homecraft exhibitor with total prize winnings of less than $5.00 will automatically have their winnings donated back to the fair.
  17. In the event of a tie for either the Homecraft Champion or Runner-up, the Exhibitor with the most number of overall entries in the Homecraft Division will be declared the winner.

PRIVACY POLICY - Please see "Rules & Regulations" at the front of this book for the complete Privacy Policy of the Thorndale Agricultural Society and the Thorndale Fair.