Country Pie Contest & Live Auction

For Bidders and Spectators:

Join us at the Friday evening Opening Ceremonies and Awards Night for the famous Thorndale Fair Pie Auction! Watch or join in the fun as generous local businesses and families bid hundreds of dollars on each pie. Thank you to the Taylor Family for facilitating the Auction! Pies not sold in the live auction are available for purchase after the auction at the back of the hall. Get yours quick because they don’t last long! Successful bidders receive a bucket of Shaw’s Ice Cream to go with their live auction pie. Thank you to Shaw’s for the donation of ice cream!

2019 Country Pie Successful Bidders - Thank You!

Karen Vecchio,
MP Elgin-Middlesex-London

Jim & Norma Poel,
Guildwood Farms
Doddey Creek Agri Services/
Pioneer Hi-Bred
Dick & Trudy Nieuwland
Heeman's Greenhouse
& Strawberry Farm

McCutcheon Farm DrainageHeath & Danielle Taylor,
Taylor Made Wagyu Beef
Ryan & Amanda Elliott
Alison Warwick, Kelly Elliott,
Tom Heeman

Mike & Connie Bontje,
M&C Bontje Ltd.
Steve Bradley,
Patterson Grain Ltd
Pat & Jane Elliott,
Elliott Grain Ltd. (2 pies!)
Jeff Yurek,
MPP Elgin-Middlesex-London
Lynndsay & Blake

Ray & Mary Chowen
Dave & Melanie Gilchrist
Dave's Agri Help
Thorndale Farm

For Bakers:


Directors: Elizabeth Facey 519-461-1349, Louisa Denomme

  • Points do not count toward Homecraft Queen
  • First prize winner in each class receives a bag of flour, donated by Arva Flour Mill
  • Prize money awarded in each category – $40, $30, $20

Rules and Regulations:

  1. All pies will be sold at the Opening Ceremonies and Awards Night. The top 3 prize winning pies in each category will be auctioned and remaining pies will be sold after the event.
  2. An exhibitor may enter in one or more categories.
  3. All pie entries will be taste tested.
  4. All entries become property of the Thorndale Fair Board.
  5. Pies must be submitted cold for judging by 11am Friday. An entry form must also be completed and submitted to the Fair office by 11am.
  6. Please label pies as to kind.
  7. Pies must be submitted in a proper size clear plastic bag, preferably an extra large Ziploc bag.
  8. Open to all age groups, including men, women and children.
  9. All entries must be approximately 9" on a foil pie plate.
  10. No meringue, cream, sour cream or custard pies.
  11. Any pie entered containing nuts or nut products must make note of this on the entry tag.

PRO TIP! For best results, temper your pie plate. To temper your pie plate, bake the plate empty for 15 minutes at 450 degrees, let cool and wash before using for your pie.



Single Crust Pie

No Pumpkin, Meringue, Cream, Sour Cream or Custard Pies


Double Crust Fruit Pie

No Lattice


Twice the Fun!

Two (2) Double Crust Pies each entered by a different exhibitor

(example: Grandparent/Grandchild, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, Co-Workers etc.)
Must be the same style of crust (double crust, lattice etc.) Each pie must be a different kind (cherry and apple, etc.) NOTE: Prize money will be paid to each of the exhibitors in the category


Novice Entry – Single or Double crust fruit pie

Novice category is open to new exhibitors OR anyone who has never placed (1st, 2nd or 3rd) in the country pie contest in previous years OR anyone under the age of 18


Streusel (Crumble) Topped Fruit Pie