Join us in getting ready for the “Homegrown & Handmade” Thorndale Fall Fair on September 24, 25 & 26th.  Visit the 25 agriculture locations in what was once known as West Nissouri Township.

Complete your scavenger hunt and submit it by September 23, 2021, and you will be entered into a draw for 1 of 10 $50 gift cards to one of our local businesses.

Look for the Thorndale Agriculture sign, list the crop or animal that you find on the sign and submit your answers complete the entry form by:

  • Inputting your answers on our website at
  • Drop off your completed entry to form in the entry box at Sassy’s
  • Email your answers to (include name & contact information

Click here to print a copy of the registration form.

  1. What is growing beautifully at 23204 Nissouri Rd?
  2. What do find in the 3rd field north of Centre Dr. on the east side of Prospect Hill Rd?
  3. What would you find living at 21370 Fairview Rd?
  4. Who maybe enjoying the sunshine in the fields at 20991 Heritage Rd?
  5. What can you find at 20911 Rebecca Rd that you may need later in the year?
  6. Who is enjoying the cool breezes in the barn at 22015 Heritage Rd?
  7. What is being raised at 6012 Cobble Hills Rd?
  8. What is hiding in the ground across from 20215 Fairview Rd?
  9. What can you purchase at 21083 Purple Hill Rd?
  10. What is living but maybe inside at 21376 Heritage Rd?
  11. What is growing tall just south of 20404 Cherry Hill Rd? hint number sign is hiding in the bushes
  12. What is growing after a hay crop at 17733 Wyton Dr?
  13. Something that most animals enjoy is found at 21936 Cherry Hill Rd, what is it?
  14. Who is being cared for at 17312 Plover Mills Rd?
  15. Who likes living at 22591 Nissouri Rd?
  16. What takes time to grow is being started at 20021 Heritage Rd?
  17. Who enjoys eating corn and other things lives at 22821 Fairview Rd?
  18. What is growing thick at 18126 Wyton Dr?
  19. Who is being raised in the barn or they would be everywhere at 20980 Purple Hill Rd?
  20. What is growing in straight rows just east of 17288 Oliver Dr?
  21. What leafy green plant that will soon start turn brown is growing at the SW corner of Purple Hill Rd and Oliver Dr?
  22. What tasty crop is growing at 5673 Cobble Hills Rd?
  23. What is growing and soon will be harvested at 23766 Fairview Rd?
  24. What short crop is growing just north of 22788 Heritage Rd?
  25. What is growing excellently thanks to rain at 22373 Fairview Rd?

BONUS 26 – Random draw of a prize (TBD) to be awarded to those who answer this correctly.

What has sprung up out of the ground at 16619 Wyton Drive? The sign will not tell you; you’ll have to guess hint it is RED.