Thorndale Fair Friday night 2015 37Thorndale Fair Ambassador Leadership Program

Committee:  Lauren Hartwick, Norma Poel, Laura Langford, Melanie Harris & Emily McClocklin – Contact

Thorndale Agricultural Society invites all young males and females residing in the Thorndale Fair area to enter the Thorndale Fair Ambassador Competition.  The selected Fair Ambassador will spend 1 year representing the Thorndale Agricultural Society at various events and attend leadership training opportunities including two overnight trips to Toronto. They will receive $1000 presented at the Annual Meeting.  1st and 2nd Runners Up will receive $100 each.  Ambassador roses are sponsored by Triple D Farms, The Duffin Family.


  1. Contestants must be 17-22 years old of August 1, 2017
  2. Interested applicants must contact Laura Langford at to receive an application to be completed and returned prior to September 15, 2017.
  3. Contestants will be judged on their community knowledge and involvement, knowledge of agriculture, personality and presentation.
  4. There will be a personal interview with a panel of judges.
  5. Judging and interviews will take place on the evening of Friday, September 22, 2017 beginning at 5:00 p.m. and will continue throughout the evening ceremonies.
  6. The on-stage portion of the evening will consist of a brief introduction by each Ambassador Contestant, a 2 minute prepared speech and an impromptu question. 
  7. Suggested prepared speech topics (feel free to contact the committee or Ag Society members if you need information to write your speech):
    1. The importance of rural fairs
    2. 160 Years of the Thorndale Fair
    3. Volunteers in rural communities
    4. The purpose of a Fair Ambassador
  8. The selected Ambassador is expected to be available to represent Thorndale Agricultural Society on the 3 days of the fair, including Saturday morning parade.  Activities will be assigned throughout the weekend to participate in.
  9. The selected Thorndale Fall Fair Ambassador will be expected to represent the Thorndale Agricultural Society throughout the year at various community events, the District Meeting in November, the O.A.A.S. Convention Ambassador Leadership Program in Toronto in February 2018, and the C.N.E. Ambassador of the Fairs Leadership Program in Toronto in August 2018.
  10. Members of the community are encouraged to contact the Ambassador Committee:  Lauren Hartwick, Norma Poel, Laura Langford, Melanie Harris, Emily McClocklin or Bridget Heeman to recommend participants for this year’s Ambassador Competition